Corporate Tax & Tax Planning

Corporate Tax Planning plays a vital role in maintaining a company’s value-adding activities and strategic decisions. It assists businesses to lessen the tax burden and operate more efficiently. The primary goal of corporate tax planning involves the reduction of a company’s Effective Tax Rate (ETR) to obtain tax efficiency and remain competitive in its market.

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Why is Corporate Tax Planning important?

The main reason for conducting corporate tax planning is to avoid illegitimacy. Tax planning enables enterprises to cope with any changes in the external environment and lead to more regular business operations. Effective corporate tax planning helps businesses to reduce tax costs, and so that firms can enjoy higher earnings for shareholders or can gain money for reinvestment. Higher shareholder profits and reinvestment capital are signs of successful business operations and can attract more potential investors who will further improve the company’s financial position.

Corporate Tax Planning is vital in supporting a company’s value-adding activities and necessary decisions. It helps firms to ease the tax burden and operate more smoothly and efficiently. The aim of corporate tax planning includes the reduction of a company’s Effective Tax Rate (ETR) to achieve tax efficiency and remain relevant in its industry. It provides a return, financial statements, tax planning, T4/T5 information return, salary, and dividend planning, GST/HST return, Worksafe BC reporting, startups consultation, buy/sell a business consultation.

How can HAP CPA Inc. help you with corporate tax planning?

Our tax experts are here to help businesses with their corporate tax planning. We can support both local and foreign companies and conduct top-quality tax planning, ensuring the use of legal tax practices only to ensure that our clients see a better business performance from their firm. Our team has outstanding service standards and will collect comprehensive understandings about your business before planning tax strategies to provide the most suitable plan of your desire. At HAP CPA Inc., we make sure that our services meet the expectations of all our clients, and hope to build excellent professional relationships with them.

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We provide Corporate Tax Planning Services to clients across Richmond, Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Delta, White Rock, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and the surrounding areas.

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